Monday, March 2, 2009

Embracing the Moments #5

This month I will be posting about life's milestones. If you really think about it the month of March can really be about anything. These posts can be about reaching milestones with your children, your children's milestones, milestones in your marriage, in cooking, photography, milestones with your New Year's Resolutions, relationships, career... well you get the picture. I hope you will join me in reminiscing and embracing those milestones that have impacted your life.

Here goes mine:

It wasn't that long ago when Evan got his first hair cut. Neither of our kids had very much hair so I was waiting for this moment. I had to wait until Lauren was three and Evan was two and a half before he had his first hair cut.

To break the ice, I had been talking to Evan during the drive to the stylist's salon, explaining that he was going to get a COOL hair cut by the woman that cuts Daddy's hair. He loves his Daddy and thinks everything that Corey does is cool, so he was really excited about the hair cut. When we walked into the salon he was timid yet curious. He wanted to know who was cutting his Daddy's hair. Corey, who is always joking, answered "Santa Claus" when Evan asked who she (Keyna) was. (That's Corey's typical answer when anyone asks his name... well either that or Frankenstein).

Evan wasn't so sure what to think about this and didn't want to sit by himself so Corey sat with him and to be honest... that didn't help too much either. I'm sure that he made it interesting for "Santa Claus". He didn't stop moving the entire time. Not too long after that I had the opportunity of experiencing how other kids can act when they get their first hair cut (yelling, screaming, shaking their heads) and I have to admit I was proud of Evan for just dancing around the chair.

The more she leaned over to cut his hair the more he leaned forward to get out of the way... it really was quite funny.

Now, six months later, Keyna & her husband are patients and we get to see them at Corey's office. Evan still remembers his first hair cut & loves to joke around with Keyna. As a matter of fact, he still calls her Santa Claus then runs away giggling about his joke.

Here Comes Santa

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Lisa said...

GREAT story ... LOVE the pictures.

heidi said...

That is a fantastic story and the pictures are so cute!! My kids never have any hair until they're about 2 or 3, either.

Melinda said...

What a great story. Mine both had haircuts around the age of one because I just couldn't handle the mullet look any more : )

Mya said...

Cute! Great pics too. If you've seen the pics of my kids as newborns had a HEAD FULL OF HAIR. I've cut my sons hair a few times and he's only 5 months old. :)