Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lollipop, Lollipop... Oooo Lolli-Lolli, Lollipop

I was cooking dinner, trying to fend off Evan (who stays hungry for the two hours before Corey comes home from work... the boy is like a hungry lion... he eats two dinners) and Lauren kept repeatedly asking me if she could have a sucker (in hopes that my answer would change). What she doesn't know is that God blessed her with an extremely stubborn mom... my parents can vouch for that. My answer wasn't changing. I told her that she could have it AFTER dinner if she made good choices and didn't get into trouble.

Five minutes later I noticed that there was silence, I briefly relished the millisecond then I was off to find where the trouble lurked. (Like I've said before if there is silence in my home that means the kiddos are working together... at something that they shouldn't be doing). Of course, when I found them, Evan had helped Lauren unwrap her sucker and she had just put it in her mouth.

The first thing out of my mouth was the silliest question ever:

"What do you think you are doing?"

Obviously she is eating the sucker that she was BEGGING to eat. But for some reason I ask it anyways in hopes that she is going to realize that her choice was disobedient and feel bad that she made that choice. In all honesty, I could care less that she is eating the sucker, the issue is that I want her to learn to obey our rules when we are not around at an early age because I want her to be able to make responsible choices in the near future. But seriously, how bad can you feel about a choice that you just made when your mouth is fulled with sugary goodness.

It was obvious by her response that she knew what she did was wrong, but that she wasn't too sorry for it.

Lauren: " I wasn't eating it Mommy. I was just loving on it!"

Once again, I just had to walk away (after she reluctantly handed the sucker to me) and say from behind a smile in the next room... "Well you better LOVE on all your vegetables tonight too... you are going to get an extra serving." And she did.

Evan thought that it was awesome that he just got to have a sucker but taking photos of the precious moment was a moment that he wanted to remember. Ok, he just wanted to have his picture taken because his sister was having her photo taken.


Melinda said...

Oh my word - how cute is that?! I wonder if I can just love on my banana pudding : )

Lisa said...

Laughinig at you better love on your veggies tonight!!! Way to go momma!

heidi said...

Aww!! She was just lovin' it! Cute :-)

-stephanie- said...

We have way too much lovin' on suckers in our house. Loved her response.

Mya said...

"Lovin' on it" so funny!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

They are so adorable. Both of their eyes are so blue.