Thursday, March 19, 2009

WorkOut Wednesdays #6

Yes, I know that I am posting the Workout Wednesday at 10pm on Thursday night, but that is exactly the way that my week has gone.

Well that and I am dreading announcing that I have slacked again this week. Although I have skipped a few (okay, most) of my workouts this week, I have still lost 3 more pounds and a pant size. My sister always told me that muscle helps burn fat. I guess that this week I have just proven that theory for her. (I'm sure that the theory was proven years ago in some research lab somewhere long ago, but I always appreciate learning from a hands-on approach).

Every two weeks I have been increasing my workout's quality (same amount of time just a more intense exercise regime). So now that we are at the halfway point I will be changing the workout again. I am still doing the workouts from the magazine, plus the cardio (I usually TiVo one) and now I will be also focusing on different body sculpting exercises that are more specific to my body and the areas that I want to "fix" or rather ELIMINATE.

As I am hiding my face in shame this week, I am vowing to have more for you next week! I feel terrible for letting myself down and for letting you down as well.


Lisa said...

LOL! LOVE the new look!!

Melinda said...

The blog looks great! And don't beat yourself up too seems like there were a bunch of us who had this kind of week. Hopefully this next one will be better!