Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009, and Good Ridden

I didn’t write very much last year because my life was consumed with situations that I “couldn’t” write about. So I was respecting other’s privacy and I am glad to say goodbye to 2009.

I am thankful for all the wonderful life lessons that I learned along the way, and I am thankful for the strengthened relationship that I have with God. We have been through a bit this year now God & I are pretty tight. :-) Ok, maybe I’m still clinging to his pant legs (or robe), but either way I’ve accepted that fact that I need Him dearly. It is because of Him that I can walk out of 2009 a better daughter, friend, wife, mother, and woman.

2009 was quite a year:

A battle with cancer that truly tested limits, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Relational roller coasters

And then the year ended with the deaths of my step-dad and grandmother (my mom’s mom). My poor mom’s world was turned upside down at Christmas.

However I can still say that 2009 was QUITE a year!

My mom is beginning to cope with all the secrets that are being revealed about her husband’s life. My heart breaks for her, but I know that God will pull her through this crazy time.

My dad kicked cancers butt! He had battled with liver cancer while being on dialysis for kidney disease and this Gladiator of a man fought and won. The cancer had grown so big and resisted all chemo, and then after the doctors tried all that they could, we turned to family prayer: all 12 kiddos, and eight grandkids. Then within days the tumor started dissolving… granted it turned into liquid that had to be drained, LOTS of liquid that had to be drained. The draining process took another 2 months, but all is heading in the right direction. We are not completely out of the woods yet, but I am thanking God that my Dad’s appetite is back, that he is looking stronger, healthier, and happier. I’ll write more during another post, because the story is truly amazing. I have received permission to share this wonderful journey with you and to give God all the glory that He deserves. (The doctors are still baffled… and amazed).

All roller coaster rides have been exited and are no longer in operation.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost Dog, Will Sleep & Snuggle for Food

A month ago, on Thanksgiving night we nearly hit a dog running across a busy road. Because we were expecting our first big freeze and I can’t bear the thought of an animal suffering, I talked Corey into stopping the car so that I could try to rescue it. That in itself was quite an adventure.


I thought that we would only have to take care of it for maybe three days, maximum. But no. I have posted this baby on Craigslist and five other animal finding websites, called shelters, taken him for multiple walks 30 minutes away in the neighborhood that we found him (hoping that HE knew where he lived or that the owner would spot us).

A few times, the walks were in freezing rain. All the poor dog wanted to do was quickly pee on every tree in sight and get back to the car. So we still have him.

During one of the walks, the postal carrier told me that people just dump their dogs in that area hoping that they would find a home. It tool me awhile to pick my mouth up off the ground and respond. I just couldn’t believe it.


The kids have named him Tiny. (I think that he looks like Yoda. This picture makes me laugh. He is pouting. He wants to sit in my lap and I am making him sit a few feet away from me so that I can get some photos. He looks so mistreated and sad).


He gave up on me. “Fine if I can’t sit on your lap, I’ll just sit on your couch.”


“No more pictures… I’m on break.”


“I’m getting sleepy…. very very sleepy.”


I don’t know very much about Miniature Pinchers, but I think that they just might be part mouse.


And Tiny Yoda is out. He is the sweetest little dog. Even Corey likes him (and isn’t allergic to him), which is a miracle. I am going to give finding him a home ONE more try then I think that we just might have to adopt him.

I just can’t believe his owner hasn’t claimed him. Someone put in a lot of effort to train him. He’s house trained. He dances with Lauren. (She swears he knows the two-step. She doesn’t even know the two-step). He doesn’t bark inside the house. (I haven’t heard of a MinPin that didn’t bark inside. I’m easily amazed).

Hopefully his owner will suddenly appear. I would be frantic trying to find my puppy. I don’t even want to imagine how sad his owner is without this snuggly puppy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Such a Sweet Secret Santa!


There is just something about receiving a package with your name on it in the mail that instantly brightens your day. 


Oh. The. Anticipation!

I loved the beautifully wrapped gifts.  I felt like a little kid again.  (Just picture me jumping up & down in my kitchen, while clapping my hands.  Yes.  I know.  I can’t help myself.  Hey, I was excited).


After I ripped the wrapping paper off like a mad woman, throwing it in all directions.  (A piece or two, may or may not have ended up hanging from the light fixture above the island).  I was shocked by all the great goodies that I discovered. 

A snowman… My secret Santa is a genius.  I have just recently started collecting them and I was thrilled to have another.

Yankee Candle… It doesn’t get much better than this.  (My husband loves this scent!)

A beautiful sparkling ornament

A cute Christmas coffee mug that is just begging me to make some hot chocolate.

Speaking of chocolates… My kids loved these.  I didn’t keep a close enough eye on them and they were devoured. 

The Christmas pillow says it all.  Lauren likes to read it each morning.  It has become part of her daily routine.

And a notebook that makes me want to write.  It is beautiful.  Pinks. Blues. Paisleys.  Roses.  Most definitely a version of heaven for me. 

And suddenly, my world is brighter. 


I am so thankful to my secret Santa and amazed at how well he/she seemed to know me (and I haven’t made that easy lately… I haven’t blogged in quite sometime).  You have brightened my day.  I really appreciate being thought of. 

Thank you.


Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope everyone enjoys celebrating Jesus’ birthday today!