Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All Things Adorable!

While rummaging (I say rummaging because it is not organized very well) through an advertisement company's website, I discovered THIS company. Normally I would have bypassed it because their main product are school uniforms, however I am very thankful that I stopped because it has great prices on kids clothing. Their sale prices REALLY got my attention. I found pjs and gowns for $3.00. One of these gowns are identical to one that Lauren received for her birthday that cost someone else $24.00. I was glad someone else bought it for her because she absolutely loves it and wants to sleep in it every night. And if it wasn't for the gift she would have NEVER enjoyed this experience, because cheap ol' mom wouldn't ever pay that much for a nightie.

However, I would pay $3.

Here are some other really cute and financially reasonable outfits that I found there for both boys and girls.

1. Angel Kiss
2. Pink Glow
3. Cornflower Blue
4. Tie Dye
5. Surf
6. Athletic Department
7. Blue Noy

UGH! I just found some REALLY cute ones that I didn't include in the photo above. Okay, now I need to carefully PUT MY HANDS UP & STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. I could seriously get myself into trouble at this shop.

If you go to this site check out these other outfits too:
  • Flare
  • Four Leaf Clover (cute St. Patty's Day dress)
  • Hawaiian Holiday
  • USA

Below is a link directly to the website. (I'm still learning how to put links in the photos.

The Childrens Wear Outlet

By the way, if anyone is in need of a personal shopper for kids clothing, please let me know... I'll take the job. I love looking at kids apparel & accessories.


Lisa said...

Oh no!!! Click the link ... Don't click the link.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Thanks for passing this on. We just had a growth spurt and need clothes...

Mya said...

Ha. Thanks for sharing.