Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WorkOut Wednesdays #5

This last week has been a great week! I am finally seeing more results and my clothes are fitting better! Yeah!

I lost 6 pounds this week. I am excited about finally getting to "see" some changes. Feeling good and less stressed was great, don't get me wrong. However I am glad to know that the scale actually works and hasn't been stuck this entire time. (I was really beginning to believe that was the case).

Now for those that don't know me personally may not realize what a feat this new result actually is... but let me just tell you it is HUGE! Someone had offered the kids a Hershey's candy bar and I was actually able to split it up between the two of them without stealing a little square for myself or just flat out getting the shakes or breaking out in a sweat from the sugar withdrawals. I didn't know this was possible.

For those of you that have an iPhone I downloaded this cool app called Gym Buddy that helps you log your exercises, reps, etc as well as have workout recommendations by the area of the body that you intend to target that day. It is very resourceful and helps me keep up with my workouts. However! And this is a big however, I had not utilized the entire app until now. Since I had actually started loosing weight, I thought that it would be encouraging to log it so that I could enjoy watching the improvement. After entering my information into this Gym Buddy I hit "enter" or "submit" and back came some results that I wasn't exactly asking to receive. It said as plainly, bluntly, with a hint of RUDE.... OBESE (next to body mass index). After drop kicking the phone across the room, (just kidding.... I couldn't get my leg that high. I'm still a little sore) I began talking to my phone, saying "ya, I know... I'm working on it". Normally this isn't an issue but this time no one was on the other end of the phone.

I still love the Gym Buddy app, but I won't be pushing the Body Calc button again until after I finish the 12 week challenge. Then I hope that it will tell me "Job well done. Now, go have a Snickers".


Melinda said...

Six pounds!?!?!?! You are the woman!! congrats

-stephanie- said...

great job on the 6 #'s

I'd be in heaven if I saw those results.

Mya said...

Congrats! Keep up the good work.