Friday, February 27, 2009

Babysitter for Hire... in your Home

A few weeks ago, Corey watched the kids for me while I had to attend a business meeting. The meeting went rather well and was short & sweet. I was excited to get home & tell Corey all about it. Once I walked through the door I was met by a rather faint aroma that was only strong enough to peak my curiosity.

As I made my way to find Corey I noticed something dark on the carpet. I made a mental note to clean it up (thinking that it was probably mud). When I found him, I could tell by the look on his face that he had just as much to tell me as I did him.

I sat on the bed as he told me about the smell. He had made breakfast (toast) for the kids and then went to the bathroom. During the short time he was in the bathroom, Evan decided to try to make some toast of his own, but rather than using bread... he chose to mix it up a bit. He put a plastic medicine dropper in the toaster & pushed the lever down. Corey reentered the kitchen to find smoke rising from the toaster and the melted plastic all inside the toaster.

At that moment, I looked down at our comforter and noticed some blue markings on our comforter. I asked Corey if Lauren had been playing with markers today.

He smiled and said no, that is body paint. Lauren woke up early and Corey wasn't quite ready to get out of bed so he turned on some cartoons in the living room, hoping to buy him thirty minutes to an hour of more shut eye. It wasn't too long before Lauren re-entered the bedroom covered in blue body paint (left-over face paint from Halloween). So that was what I noticed on the carpet. He then went on to tell me that she wasn't interested in the cartoon so she went on to paint her feet (she was giving herself a pedicure) and then paint her hands & face.

Between Lauren's footprints across our house and the smoking toaster, I was laughing... I truly wish that I could have been sitting in theater seating with popcorn in my hands watching it all unfold.


Melinda said...

That's hilarious!

Lisa said...

Oh no! In my house, the sad part is that something like that could happen while I'm home ... lol!

misty said...

did you take pictures??? too funny!

DeeBee said...

I really think you have a book there, possibly called The Adventures of Corey with kids. :-)

It's always something, isn't it?

heidi said...

Oh my goodness! What a DAY he had!!

Mya said...

What a crazy day! While I was in class my husband was home with our daughter (3 at the time) and she stuck a bead up her nose! He had to take her to Urgent Care to get a doc to take it out. The next day when I was working a night shift she cut her hair!