Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today has been an absolutely FABULOUS day on so many levels.

I had the ultimate Tackle It Tuesday and was able to get so many things accomplished today. I purposefully don't have any pictures for you because of sheer embarrassment of the state that my house was in. Yeah, it was THAT bad. I hadn't taken the much needed time to DEEP clean the house in two weeks... you say that is nothing... well then you haven't met my two kids. They have the effect of two twin twisters on our home. I normally have to do this every other day. I don't know how they get food on the backside of the toilet or the baseboards (food doesn't leave the kitchen), but it somehow happens.

More importantly, not too long ago I was told that I had bladder cancer. I was totally floored and this really rocked my world. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. I could understand it if they said any other type of cancer, but this one (okay maybe not prostate... LOL). I don't smoke nor have I ever had a UTI (urinary tract infection) and I'm young. (oh hush Corey! I married a man younger than me so he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to harass me about my age & call me old, ancient, "old gray mare" and no I don't have any grays... yet). My solution to this problem was to drive four hours to Dallas to visit a natural doctor and he is treating me with vitamins & nutrition. (More so the vitamins because I have been terrible about eating what I am supposed to be eating). Then of course I had to have a "backup plan" in case that didn't work. So I had appointments with the medical doctor & urologist and was (am) totally ready to take their advise if the natural medicine didn't work. Well yesterday I had another doctor visit & tests with a local medical doctor. So to make a LONG story short... all the results are GOOD from their perspective. So I have my follow up with the TX doctor in a few weeks and I am hoping that I get good test results then as well.

I honestly can't believe that I have gotten better so quickly! I am totally amazed.

The last month has been a whirlwind. After hearing the word cancer, I have felt like a teeter-totter (due to my analogies, you can definitely tell that I spend me days with kids). I have gone from feeling strong and confident that God was going to take care of this and that after I was cured I would be able to glorify Him for healing me then I jumped to feeling scared and sad and not ready to leave my kids behind. I felt like my purpose has yet to be fulfilled. Of course I don't know what God's will is for my life, however I do have a gut feeling that He has a lot of work left for me to do. After going through just a short bout of this, I understand that the "what ifs" and the mental/emotional portion of this sickness could potentially be more damaging and could feed the sickness in your body. It can be quite a struggle to focus on the positive. This part may sound weird but I had to print off pictures of healthy organs and physically view them & focus on health and constantly turn to God for strength to stay focused on healing... daily (sometimes hourly).

I was excited to see how God was bringing other people that were going through the same thing into my life (and I wasn't directly telling anyone about what was going on). You, the Internet, knew more than anyone. Now that I am able to pass on this information to hopefully help others I am able to open up about it a bit more. (You have no idea just how hard this is for me... I just caught myself grinding my teeth... jk - about the teeth anyway). I do believe that God brings others into our lives to help each other and if we don't communicate about what is happening in our lives then how can we learn from each others experiences.

Now don't get me wrong here. I'm NOT telling anyone to stop the chemo & go to ANY natural doctor. First of all they are all different and second... I had a back up plan. I would NEVER want to be responsible for anyone not receiving the medical care that they needed. However, during chemo and going through cancer... we all have down times. During this "down time" it wouldn't hurt to be on a vitamin regimen. When you go back to your doctor to do your follow-up tests and receive miraculous news, it is SO worth it. (If anyone wants the number to the doctor that I visited, just email me and I will be happy to hand it out).

The last month has encouraged me more than ever to Embrace the Moments with those that I love. I have become a better mother, sister, wife, and friend. This precious time has taught me to stop waiting until tomorrow to change things that need to be addressed today. I do believe that prayer will always lead to the answer.

I also want to say thank you Frank for letting me take some time from our project. There will be a full court press on compiling your book... um right after this post.


Jackie said...

That's awesome!!!!!! Congrats!

Lisa said...

WONDERFUL news!! I had no idea. Stay strong and prayers that you'll continue to get positive news!!

heidi said...

I was clueless, as well! I'm glad the results have been favorable!!

Melinda said...

Wow! What great news. I am so happy for you.

Dawn said...

Jessica, thank you for opening up about this. I will be praying for you. I can only imagine how scared you've been and probably still are.

I'm glad you are seeing improvement. That's wonderful.

Please let me know if there is anything at all that I can for you. I'd be more than happy. :)

Michelle said...

Wonderful! I hope everything continues to go smoothly. I'm sure you are so happy.

Mya said...

I'm going through something similar so thanks for the encouragement and glad things are looking up for you. :)

Melinda said...

I left you a little somethin' on my blog : )

DeeBee said...

That's great news! I'm very happy for you!