Friday, February 20, 2009

Mister Mom

Recently Corey watched the kids for me while I had a doctor's visit. I don't know what I'd do without him. The absolute best part is the story of what happened while Mom was away. When my three loves are together I can always count on coming home to hear (or find) a few humorous stories.

Last week, Corey had taken the kids with him earlier that morning to get a massage and while he was enjoying a bit of relaxation, Evan... uh-um... dirtied his pants. Lola, a dear family friend, was playing with the kids during this mishap, but didn't have any pull-ups to help him out so she cleaned him up & had to let him "enjoy a bit of freedom". Once Corey finished his massage he rushed to take the kids to soccer practice.

He lovingly threatened Evan as he buckled him into his car seat, "Evan, you don't have a pull-up on so DON'T YOU DARE go to the bathroom. HOLD IT! I will put a pull-up on you when we get to soccer practice."

Our sweet little Evan responded, "Okay Daddy, me can hold it" (I have to tell you, I will be sad once he starts using his pronouns correctly).

They arrived at practice with one minute to spare so just inside the arena doors (surrounded by parents & kids) Corey stopped to talk to the kids. (We will still have to have pep talks when we enter ANY new environment EACH time and remind them to obey. For some reason they seem to FORGET that they are supposed to obey us or their coach if we don't go through this process EVERY time). During the talk Corey looked at Evan to remind him that he couldn't run onto the field yet because they still had to get a pull-up on him. Then he noticed that Lauren's shoe was untied so he turned to help her out so that she could begin practice while he took care of Evan. Once she was all tied & ready to hit the field, he turned to grab Evan's hand to take him to the bathroom to put his pull-up on and noticed that Evan's pants were down around his ankles and his "business" was just hanging out for all to see.

Corey was shocked and exclaimed, "Boy what are you doing, pull your pants up?!"

Evan simply stated, "Daddy, you supposed to put a pull-up on me."

I guess no one has explained to this innocent child that Adam & Eve took a bite of the forbidden apple.


Lisa said...

OK, now THAT is a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh LOL...that is too funny!!!!