Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Fix It

Lauren & Jett are definitely two of a kind. These two are so alike that it is hard to believe that they are cousins instead of siblings. While Jett was born with a tool belt & goggles on, Lauren has aquired the motivation to be Mrs. Fix It. (I absolutely LOVE this about her).

She comes by it honestly... not just me, but our family is full of generations of strong women that enjoy figuring out what needs to be fixed and then taking care of it! I am happy to know that she is capable of thinking logically and that she is just independant enough to be able to care of things herself. Although, I am also thankful that she is not SO independant that she doesn't welcome and appreciate it when others help her. She is growing up so quickly and is definitely a girl after my heart!

This is most certainly one of those days when I would love to turn back time and hold my one day old baby daughter as we just arrived home from the hospital again. I cherish those first days as much as I do today. But I have to say that they ALL are passing entirely way too fast.


Lisa said...

TOO extremely cute!

Mya said...

What a cutie! My daughter is 5 and my son is 5 months. It's neat having kids at both ages. :)

heidi said...

She's so darned cute with those goggles on!

Dawn said...

What a sweet, sweet post. She is adorable.

It is amazing how fast they grow up.