Monday, February 23, 2009

Embracing the Moments #4

I couldn't think of a better way to end February's Embracing the Moments "Love" topic than to post about my babies! These two have changed my life in so many ways, all of which I am truly thankful. God amazes me daily. Through Lauren & Evan, God has taught me so much about Him.

Lauren was a blessing that totally surprised us. I am a huge planner and I planned on children two years after we were married and we were also planning on adopting at that time. However, God had something else planned and He taught me the first lesson that I was to learn via the kiddos... that our time isn't always God's time. He gave us that most precious baby girl and I was so thankful. I was worried that it was too soon in our marriage, but God knew better. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughter and she is the most amazing gift. (Corey & I call her our wedding gift from God).

She is the most perfect wedding gift anyone could ever receive. I had no idea when I first looked at this innocent little face that she was going to be the little comedian that she is today!

Then fourteen months later, we were blessed with our little boy. Once again I was surprised... with an amazing little boy that has shown me a love that I haven't ever known before. He is so tender and sweet. Don't get me wrong this little monkey is the perfect mixture of tough & tender. He has most definitely already mastered the art of melting my heart on a daily basis with his tenderness.

I hope that you enjoyed this month celebrating those that you love!


Dawn said...

Hmm.. I left a comment but it didn't stick.

Anyway, your children are just beautiful. Truly a blessing.

I loved the sweet things you had to say about them.

Melinda said...

What precious sentiments regarding your children. One day they will look back on this post and really appreciate all you had to say about them.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics of both kiddos!

Mya said...

Aww so sweet!