Friday, December 12, 2008

The Skin I'm In

... is mistreated.

Lots of time spent at the beach & lake (sun damage... worth every memory)
Lots of time running, biking, boating, & motorcycle riding (wind damage... again worth it)

I know I'm terrible. So now I am trying to make up for "the memories" that I've inflicted on my skin. I was very fortunate during my teenage years and had great skin, rarely had a break out... I was sickeningly lucky. But that "luckiness" turned to laziness so NOW I am paying for it. I never developed a good routine nor did I have the knowlegde of what was best for me (Dad, if your reading this you can STOP saying "I told you so... or That's what I was trying to tell you then"... this is about something TOTALLY different).

This is about skin.

Dawn at Dawn's Diversions posted a blog that I really appreciate. Thank you Dawn. Like I said, I need someone to sit down & point blank tell me what to do when it cames to skin care. Afterall, there's 50 bajillion things out there. AND I'm very grateful to find out that the things that are the best ARE NOT the most expensive. YooHoo.

I was thankful to read it's easy and not a long list of different things to use. I don't have the patience to have even a 4-step skin care regime, nor do I want to stand in front of a mirror for a long period of time. So this was perfect.

Since she has already taken the precious time to write down the information that she gathered from Dr. Oz, I would recommend that you go to her blog to view the post. Enjoy.


Bob said...

Memories I don't remember much from my teen years. ;)

Kameron said...

I have the same problem. I always got 1 zit a month, and you can imagine why!! After I stopped breastfeeding my son my face broke out like crazy. It's only in one spot, but I find I am irritated since I have never had these problems. I barely wash my face more than in the shower, and I feel you on trying to keep up with a whole regimen. I will definitely check out that post!

In case you didn't check, you won the give away so let me know what size, design and fabric you'd like!

Lisa said...

I am SO going to check that out...I am terrible too!