Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 Days Update

Our family had a bit of a late start due to Evan being a bit sick but we are back and making up for lost time. We do know how to count in our household but we are going to be skipping around a bit.

#5. After digging through the attic (this will be a future Tackle-It-Tuesday project) and finding the coats that I had set aside last winter. We made the drop off, the kids are really getting excited about helping others and I am thankful because I have been trying to REALLY build it up for them.

#6. Well each time we pass a bucket we give change... Lauren & Evan love ringing the bell. We usually let them ride the pony at the grocery store but throughout the holidays they have chosen to give their pony-money to others. (My hand is over my heart & I am teary-eyed.... because yes I am THAT proud).

#9. We have been doing quite a bit of "free" babysitting but it hasn't been limited to just the neighborhood and due to many people that I know traveling, no one has needed anyone for the full week.

Internet, Tomorrow we will be passing out dinners and I will keep you posted about the outcome. Happy Holidays.


heidi said...

THANK YOU dor doing this. I love reading your updates!!! Can't wait to hear about dinner.

Kameron said...

I can't wait to do it next year. I haven't forgotten about you! I have been so busy with work and Christmas and trying to get sewing done. :o) I finished your daughter's shirt and I wanted to mail it out today. Can you email me your full name and address? Thanks!!