Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Spirit...

... we are still working on it.

When it comes to helping others, Lauren runs to the front of the line. She LOVES helping and giving things to others. But at Christmas, the one time of the year that we are supposed to give, she only thinks of receiving and what Santa is going to bring her.

We were shopping at the store and purchasing a few last minute Christmas gifts for nieces & nephews. While standing at the register, Lauren asked "Where are MY toys". I responded by telling her that we don't buy Christmas presents for ourselves that we buy for others and give gifts to OTHER people.

She gave it another shot, "Please."

"No Toys, besides you guys haven't exactly behaved while shopping today. Lauren was smashing Evan in the cart and he was being fussy. You guys know that I'm not going to reward that behavior. Why would I want to buy toys?" I explain to her thinking that she knew the rules and couldn't argue with that.

I underestimated her though she turned to me with her cutest face, head tilted slightly, "Well Mom because you LOVE me and I LIKE them."

My first thought was, she's only 3 and knows how to pull my heart strings... I'm screwed. Of course, she did NOT get a toy, but she did get a good laugh from me. Her little wit amuses me to no end.