Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Spirit - Giveaway

This isn't the typical blogger's giveaway post.

I am a strong believer in blessing others as you have been blessed.

At Christmas Corey has organized a toy drive in Sapulpa and he collects toys to give to the children & organizations that have kids in need of gifts. Over the last four years, the toy drive has grown each year and other businesses have chosen to get involved and help. It really has been a blessing. This year they are reaching out to even more in the community by accepting toys during the Sapulpa Christmas parade. I realize the economy is really taking a hit but I do hope that people are able to spend a few dollars on a child... it's worth the smile on their face. It's a reminder to them that people do care about them.

I have adopted a family... They don't know it yet. I have known of this family for sometime, and God has really put them on my heart lately. They are foster parents and wonderful parents to their kids. Very loving and helpful people who ALWAYS go out of their way to help others. The mother works with kids all day, then goes to work at two other jobs to make ends meet. She does whatever she has to do to help ALL of her children in such a loving manner. (I don't know when she sleeps).

The organization that has received most of my attention lately has been the Organ Transplant Fund at Believer's Church in Tulsa. It all started when we found out that my dad was going to need a double organ transplant and his insurance wouldn't cover it. Believer's church set up an account to accept contributions to help cover medical costs and we began fundraising. Since then I have learned about so many others in need of financial help due to organ related medical issues... people from the ages of ten months to 55 years old. In the future I have hopes to help out many others through fundraising for this cause.

There are many churches in all of our areas that are trying to help single moms and families that under difficult times. I do hope that all of us are able to put our situations "lifestyles" in perspective and do what we can to help others in need. Keep in mind, many of these churches and organizations accept the donations which are tax deductible to you, then can bless these families in need.


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