Monday, December 29, 2008

Let's Make A Deal

I don't know if it's the post Christmas attitude or what, but whatever it is better end soon! Today I feel like I have been negotiating with our governments best negotiator over candy, no naps, not wanting to pick up toys, clothes etc.

Don't get me wrong, this IS an everyday occurance but today her reasoning and excuses are catching me off guard and making me laugh more than normal. I have had people tell me just to spank her, but with her it isn't that easy. I know this is a controversal subject but I totally believe in spankings. However, her behind is immune to them (or at least mine). We have found that the ultimate punishment for Lauren is grounding her or putting the favorite toy of the moment in time out. As for Evan, he's easy, just give him a stern look and it breaks his little heart & he will apologize and try to make amends. If THE LOOK doesn't work a spanking always will (with him).

Many of today's conversations went a little like this one:

Lauren: Hey Mom, let's make a deal. I will obey will tomorrow IFFFF you let me not take a nap AND play with my leapster RIGHT NOW.

Mom: Hey Lauren, I've got a deal for you; You lay down & take your nap or I'll give your leapster away to someone less fortunate. (She knows I'm serious... She has seen me give away more and without a reason).

She went to bed & was successful at resisting sleep but rested for the allotted nap time. So this one was a draw.

Consequently, after todays little verbal matches with my three year old daugter I absolutely agree that people should take classes before becoming a parent. I could definitely benefit from a negotiating without laughing 101 course.