Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Totally Mummyfied

OK, maybe not totally, but at least from the neck up.

I had sinus surgery earlier this week and my head is stuffed with gauze in almost every orifice and then wrapped as well. Not exactly the most comfortable situation but definitely worth it. Of course I don't know if I will be able to breathe better... yet, but I have faith. It has only been a few days and I can already feel a relief from the pressure around my eyes. My use of visine for those red eyes was beginning to get a little astronomical. I do feel very sorry for the Pfizer shareholders out there. I'm afraid that the stock might take quite a hit since I won't be going through a bottle of visine a day. (I haven't had to use a drop in three days and I am ecstatic. Yes, I do realize that I am easily excited. I always have been and I am happy with that). I am ready to remove all this fabric from my head because I am beginning to feel like an extra from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. And yes, it IS that scary.