Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Always aiming to please

I recently found an old notebook with a few stories of funny & cute things that the kids have either said or done. I hope that you enjoy them. Here's one:

Evan was thirsty and asking for some juice and after hearing the request Lauren agreed that juice was a great idea.

My leg was cramping from running with the kids earlier (My body is trying to tell me that I am getting old). So I pleaded with them to "Just give me a minute please, then I will get juice & pineapples for both of you". Also secretly hoping that the idea of pineapples would buy me a few more seconds to rub the cramp out.

Lauren jumped up & exclaimed, "I'll get one for you." I assumed that she was still talking about juice, so I said again "Just a minute please."

So she walks over to Daddy who was watching basketball on TV and asked him, "Daddy will you get Mommy a minute so she can get us some juice."

We both started laughing and enjoyed her sweet heart and loved that she was so eager to help in any way that she could.