Friday, November 14, 2008

Aquaphor, The Cure-all (another funny)

My daughter has had eczema and lovely skin reactions since she was just six months old. In our march to find out what has happening to our baby girl... our first born... my world, we went to multiple doctors and received many "possible" answers. Our answers were numerous prescriptions, creams, lotions, baths, oils, steroids, and a possible ritual dance. And we tried everything! Finally still choosing not to give up the good fight, we marched her into yet another doctor's office. Lauren jumped up on the table and waited for the doctor, she is a pro by now... quizzing me about all the tools in the room and how they are used. (She could teach a few things to some med students). This doctor explained that often eczema is brought on by an allergic reaction so he sent us off to an allergist. I was so excited... another "possible" solution.

This time wasn't like all the others. After we went through the dreaded testing process (they drew her blood not the pricking skin test), we found out that she is allergic to bananas and egg whites. Yes, bananas and egg whites. Bananas are her favorite snack and eggs... we would eat them in at LEAST one form once a day... scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, cookies, cake, just to name a few. The information was very enlightening and saved my daughters skin and my mind.

Lauren is very logical so the transition from eating her favorite things went much more smoothly than I had anticipated. Maybe the sores caused her so much discomfort that it was worth it to not eat the food... I hope not. I hope that she just understood that it was better for her. In the mean time our new and now cherished doctor has given her some steroid cream for bloody breakouts & told us to use Aquaphor for dry skin. I don't know about other mothers out there, but Aquaphor to me is like Windex for the Greeks. It is the cure-all for everything. It was the ONLY booty cream to help diaper rash without encouraging a skin (yeast) infection and it is a great moisturizer for my all too dry hands. (I'm constantly washing dishes) and not drinking enough water. It has become one of the items that I don't leave home without these days.

It doesn't matter where we are if she has an itch, she wants to break out the cream & take care of it right away, and she is very informative in telling all those around us what she is doing and why.

A few nights ago I had the opportunity to babysit a friend's babies while they went out after a wedding and Lauren absolutely loved being a "little mama" and helped me take care of the little ones. When the baby had a little diaper rash, Lauren was only too happy to jump up & exclaim, "I'll get the AquaPOR, Momma". She really does have such a sweet, sweet heart & loves to help others. She makes me proud.

My ode to Aquaphor ends as we were entering the post office a few mornings later and I had a little dry spot on my cheek, I wasn't wearing any make-up and vowed to put moisturizer on it as soon as I returned home. Lauren watched me closely, studying my every move... finally she asked, "What are you doing Mommy?" I explained that I had a little dry spot & that I was putting some cream on it so that it would get better. My son chimed in, "boo-boo". Glad that they got the concept and happy that we could move forward without having to go into it any further we got out of the car & headed into the post office.

As always when we go anywhere, it seems we found a line. Lauren doesn't mind this, she enjoys meeting new people and looks at these lines as a great opportunity. I was proud... they were actually behaving in line today. After a few minutes, the man standing in front of me stated that I had cute kids. This break in silence caused more people to stop and admire these little beauties. Lauren loves to make people smile and thought this was the perfect moment to break the ice & for us all to get to know each other. She decided to share first... "Guess what, my mommy wears booty cream on her face." She succeeded.


Elaine said...

This is too funny.

We suffer from allergies and skin problems with my youngest. I have never tried this, I am going to go out and get some tomorrow.