Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Football Fans...

Tonight we are just kicking back and relaxing, watching a football game (just us). It feels so unfamiliar. We are usually VERY busy... each minute of our day seems to be planned. On those moments that we are at home to watch a game, we usually have at least twenty other people in the house with us that we are entertaining.

Usually Lauren & Evan are running around with the other children, so having them join us for the game is nice. Evan, being the boy that he is, is alternating throwing the toys at the designated targets (the decorative breakables) around the room and playing "house" with Lauren (he does love his sister). Lauren was deperately trying to put her babies to sleep. However, every time a touchdown was scored Daddy (Grandpa) jumped up, scooped up Lauren & babies, and did his victory dance. After the fourth touchdown in the first third of the game she has given up on "house" and broke out the mardigras beads and decided to play dress up with Daddy instead.

I have to say he looks good! Not many men could pull off wearing spakling necklaces quite like that. Lauren is so proud of her arrangement of necklaces, patting them as if to say "the masterpeice is complete", then finally turns to me and asks

Lauren: Mommy do you like it? Doesn't Daddy look silly?

Mommy: Yes, Lauren I love it! He is VERY silly. (Calling someone silly is the best compliment that someone can receive here. "Silly" is the champion of compliments... second to no other.

Lauren obviously finished with this game now and trying to decide what to play next looks around and says "hmmm"

Then Mommy (me) being my "silly" self can't help but smile while looking at Daddy (eagerly anticipating his reaction) throws out an idea to help my dear girl with her dilema : Hey Lauren, do you want to borrow some of Mommy's makeup?!!!

The look on his face was priceless... the perfect combination of "No you didn't and FEAR (because YES I DID)!!

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Lisa said...

Got to love that daddy-daughter bond! YEAH for family time!!