Friday, September 25, 2009

Baseball Forever

Recently my dearly beloved husband celebrated a birthday.  In case anyone was wondering he turned 21… again.  Don’t worry honey I wouldn’t sell you out.  And yes, in case anyone was wondering, I did rob the cradle. 

To celebrate my hot younger husband, I bought him tickets to the Cardinals / Cubs game.  He went with Evan (our son), his dad & brother & his son, Jett. 

The ballgame was quite an experience for the two young boys.  Jett has been to baseball games, but this was a first for Evan.  (I was praying that he wouldn’t drive the guys crazy before the game was over). 

After driving six hours, watching batting practice, and all the pregame festivities this little man fell asleep during the first inning and slept throughout the entire game.

Jett sleeping

And then there was Evan… my little energizer bunny.  He was bouncing off the rails, literally.  He had numerous root beers and ice cream.  The little boy was in HEAVEN.  I think that Corey created a lifetime baseball fan. 


If anything baseball crosses Evan’s line of sight, a huge perma-grin grows across his face.




@nnie said...

That is awesome! There is nothing like a father, son and a baseball game~