Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to SCA

SCA? What the heck is SCA?  You mean you DON’T know.  Just Kidding. ( I had an extra shot of espresso today.  Please excuse all “smart-butt” comments).

Let’s begin with a bit of background.  Way back in the day when I began this blog (last November), I stated in my profile that I was a Christian.  That’s true.  I am.  I believe in God.  I love God.  I so bad want to be the woman that He designed me to be.  However, my free will gets in the way.  Why in the heck did He give us free will?  Ugh!  I can totally hear Him up there belly laughing and answering my question.  He wants to be loved.  He wants us to WANT to spend time with Him.  He WANTS us to desire to do the right thing. 

I get it.  I do.  Who wants to be in a relationship when they feel like they are making that person spend time with them.  Who wants to go on a date with someone to only watch the person spend the entire night playing on their phone throughout the entire date.  (Seriously, be considerate!  Not that I know anyone that does this… I’m a people watcher & I see it happen).  Recently I went out to eat with Lauren and witnessed a guy spend most of a date on his phone.  Which brings me back to the title.

SCA is Struggling Christians Anonymous and I am a member.  Like I said before I am a Christian, but I am also human.  As I watched this scenario unfold the last time I went out to eat, I couldn’t help but think of 1 Corinthians 13:4

Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy (jealousy)…

And I couldn’t help but wonder… because it was obvious that this girl was jealous of a cell phone.  Yes, jealous of a cell phone.  All she wanted was some of her boyfriend’s attention (I didn’t see wedding rings).  So as I observed this couple and thought of this verse I wondered how often Corey & I have been here.

We both enjoy our phones.  He loves all the sports apps and I like to read blogs.  I wonder how often he was upset that I was giving my phone undivided attention and he was hurt and I know that I’ve felt that way.  I realized that jealousy comes in all shapes and sizes.  There are many things that can get in the way of people interacting and truly relating to one another and touching each other’s hearts.  Jealousy (or envy) isn’t always about being jealous of your significant other giving their kindness to another person of the opposite sex but just giving positive attention to anything or anyone.  When someone doesn’t feel loved, or they feel ignored, belittled, demeaned, or disrespected it doesn’t take much for them to get upset about their significant’s positive attention going elsewhere.

However, I know from experience that usually those that are in a good relationship rarely feel jealous, because they are secure in their relationship.  They know that they are loved above all else (Except God, hopefully)…  they feel respected, they feel enjoyed, they feel cherished, they feel pursued. 

Wait!  Isn’t that the kind of relati0nship that God wants from us?  For us to WANT Him…  For us to WANT to know Him better…  For us to read want He has to say.  It is!

The funny thing about that is that when I was find myself in a good positive relationship I have to work harder at my relationship with God.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When life is good, I’m out there happy and enjoying myself.  I am thankful and I appreciate all that God does in my life, but I find myself opening the Bible less.  I am distracted by all the bliss surrounding me.

However, when life keeps throwing curveballs I turn to Him to fill me up with love, understanding, support, and to remind me of who I am when I feel belittled.  That isn’t how it is supposed to be. 

Here I was enjoying a nice dinner with my daughter and watching a couple’s lack of interaction and I could feel God completely calling me out on my own lack of interaction in my relationship with Him.  Not to be gross, but I felt as if I was being told that He didn’t want to just be an emotional tampon.  There to soak up the sadness, loneliness, and be supportive.  He wanted to enjoy the good times too.  He wants to take long walks on the beach (a.k.a spend quality time with me reading the Bible and getting to know Him better). 

As I reluctantly looked back at the couple, and watched the guy tapping away on his phone I vowed to set aside some “date time” with God.  I want to let him know how thankful I am that He is so persistent,  that He makes me feel so loved, and I want the opportunity to let him know just how much that I love Him by pursuing Him too.


Slyde said...

not that im excusing the phone abusers, but sometimes, when 2 people are completely used to each other, alittle quite time "alone together" isnt so bad...