Friday, September 18, 2009

She’s a Man, Baby!

I’ve always loved gadgets.  I’m a practical kind of gal.  So if there is a tool out there to make life a little easier, a bit more simple, then I am a fan. 

(Just so you know, in this sentence above the word “tool” can also be interchanged with the word “toy”.  I’m just being realistic here).

As of late, my top three websites have changed. 

And Lord (I am not using His name in vain… I am praying with you), help me… (my husband would probably agree that I need it).

But two of my top three favorites are sites that are for MEN.  They are for men who like gadgets, but still they are for MEN.  Hopefully next week they will debut a cool scrapbooking tool (FOR MEN) and I will feel better about myself. 

Wish me luck,



Lisa said...

You are a hoot!