Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello everyone.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Lauren’s school (Victory Christian ELC) is having a fundraiser and Lauren is very excited. They have provided a great incentive to motivate the young ones. If the students sell a certain amount of items then they get to have a group outing and go to a local venue to play. She is very excited and hopes to be able to participate (or rather play).

So please take a look at the website.

Here are the instructions, for those that are interested.

1. Go to

2. Click on the box on the far right of the screen that reads “Out of Town Orders”

3. Enter the School code “103312”

4. The next screen should confirm Victory ELC, if so hit “continue”

5. On the next screen please enter Lauren’s seller number, which is “R154230E”

6. The following screen should say something like L STU*** K4. That’s our girl

7. Now you can begin shopping.

Thank you so much!

We really appreciate any participation!


misty said...

we just turned in my son's fundraiser stuff last week. good idea to put it up on your blog... smart girl!!

Slyde said...

thats a great idea for the school to do!

Grand Pooba said...

what a great fundraiser!