Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baseball Retraction

In my last post, Baseball Forever, I misstated how long my nephew actually slept.  I was in no way trying to lie, or misrepresent the amount of time that he slept.


I received this cute email that made me smile, and laugh, and smile a bit more.  I think that it is absolutely adorable.  The email was titled Since the 1st Inning and it contained the cute photo. 

Later I was told that little Jett woke up during the 6th inning, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention.  So I guess this is actually TWO apologies.  I’m sorry for for not paying attention and realizing that he woke up in the 6th inning AND I’m sorry for misleading everyone and causing them to believe that he slept through the entire game.

Please forgive me.

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