Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oklahoma Sunsets

Recently I took a photography class and I can’t express how much that I have learned from it.  This is homework from a class covering “flash”. 


This is a subject where I have needed a lot of help.  I can’t count the number of pictures that I have taken at family gatherings and cookouts that have turned out like this one below. 


The background is black and the subject is blinded from the flash going off directly in their face.  It doesn’t even have to  be technically dark outside for the background to be black.   


Well this particle session of the class has changed my mamarazzi days forever.  I learned how to capture the beautiful Oklahoma sunsets in the background while still being able to capture everyone’s faces.


It sounds easy enough… and now it is.  IMG_8496

However, it wasn’t that long ago that when I tried to take a picture with the sun setting in the background and the picture above was the result of my feeble attempt.


Now I get to rejoice and capture shots with color like this one. 

Isn’t God an absolutely amazing artist!!!  Fall sunsets are one of the most brilliant works of art.  Absolute perfection.

Now that I have this new found knowledge I can’t wait to take a million pictures of my kids and husband during sunsets.  Guess what kids, you now have a later bedtime!  Yes, for real.  You can thank Mommy’s photography teacher for that. 

Just in case anyone was wondering, I took my classes at Aperature Photo in Tulsa.  I highly recommend anyone who owns a digital SLR camera and lives in the Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, or Arkansas area to take this class.  My instructor, Zane, is pictured above and if you do decided to take one of his classes, please tell him that Jessica Stubbs sent you. 

He may not remember me by name, he does have quite a few students.  However, if you tell him what camera that I use he just might remember.

Thought for the post:

If he knew that I was going to post my homework on my blog, I wonder if he would have volunteered to model while teaching class?

Until Next Time.


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Lisa said...

SUPER neat!!! You need to share!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Those are very cool pictures. I want a SLR camera badly. I would need to figure out how to best use it though. Shoot I need to figure out how to best use my Cannon Powershot too LOL

Wanted to stop by and say HI and thank you for joining Georgie and I for Secret Santa.

heidi said...

Wow! Those are SOME sunsets! Nicely done!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

Jessica WOW

wanted to let you know there is a SSS update post up now-please stop by when you can

you are the light of the world said...

nice photography,keep it up.

you are the light of the world said...

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I have added you to my blogroll, hope you can do the same thing for me so that we can have constant communication.

Crazee Juls said...

I'm so jealous of those super awesome photo skills. I'm in Texas--but it would be quite a trek to Tulsa for a photography class. :)

Awesome job!

(stopping by to say hey, from the SSS list!)

ღJessicaღ said...

How did you do that!? Mine never turn out like that! I love them!

Shop with Me Mama said...

Those are great pictures!! Good job!!

♥georgie♥ said...

Just checking on you jessica...and i am still in awe and sooo need a SLR camera

♥georgie♥ said...

just out visiting all the SSS participants Hope your having a GREAT week!

Dawn said...

Great shots of Zane!!!
I was just telling Brett I am ready for another class. Maybe we could take one together?

I'd love to take creative portraiture. I also would like another photoshop elements class. Let me know! =)

It's amazing how much you learn in those classes. I miss it!