Monday, October 5, 2009

Watch out Emeril

When I think about the differences between boys and girls, it is really quite funny.  Normally if I was to hand Lauren a teacup, she will go to the table and begin to have a tea party.  On the other hand, if I give that same teacup to Evan it becomes a rocket launcher, machine gun, or a spaceship and he will run around the kitchen pretending that the spaceship is flying through the sky.

However, when it comes to anything culinary.  My son excitedly steps up to the plate.  He loves to help me cook.  Personally I think it’s because he just flat out enjoys eating and he always samples the food here & there.


Recently, during a trip to Grandma’s house he held the proud position of Assistant Chef and he was truly beside himself.

He’s a lucky grandson to have such a brave grandma.  I can’t believe that she let him have the knife.  It’s obvious who will be the best supporter of this love of his.


When he asks me if he can help me cut up the vegetables, my answer is always…

“Of course, honey, when you are thirty!”

HEY!  I never said that I WASN’T overprotective.


Just sitting back taking pictures was a HUGE step for me.  And yes, I did break out into a nervous sweat.  Can you blame me?  Just look at that knife!!


Seriously, I have to admit how proud I was of my little boy.  He was so focused that he wasn’t even aware of the mamarazzi flashes that were lighting up grandma’s kitchen.  He was very safe, calculated, and serious.  Just look at that concentration on that face. 

Looking at these pictures just makes me want to wake him up from his nap and kiss him all over his cheeks.

(Sigh).  I love that boy.

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