Friday, July 10, 2009

It’s Gotta Go…

I’m not quite sure what has come over me, but never the less, it is time.  For the last four months, I have been trying to have a garage sale, but we have not been home on a single Saturday in over four months.  How sad is that?  I long for the days to sit & do nothing… I look forward to being BORED on a Saturday morning. 

But  I am finally tired of the clutter in my attic too.  I can’t stand it.  I want it all out.  At this time of the year, the attic is nothing more than a sauna, but it will be a spacious sauna after this weekend.  WooHoo, I can’t wait.


I am also selling my Canon SLR camera.  I am in complete purge mode and I recently won a new camera, so I am going to let go of this one. 


(This was a difficult decision for me).  I really liked this camera.  I am going to put the camera on eBay tomorrow morning.  I need to do a little research.


I have quite a few accessories that will be in the bundle and I don’t know where to begin the bidding.  Well please wish me luck. 

I would take pictures of my attic but I can’t get in there to take any pictures.  Yes it is THAT bad.  It is a “Tackle It Tuesday”er’s dream (and my nightmare).

Click on the link below and check out the Ebay listing:

Digital Camera on Ebay


Melinda said...

When your done cleaning out your house, feel free to come purge mine of clutter. I just can't seem to get the get-up-and-go to do it, much less hold a garage sale.

Lisa said...

Good luck decluttering!

Stewart's Stew said...

A friend and I are talking about having a garage sale next Sat. and I really hate garage sales, but I am sick of clutter too! I don't know where to start because I think I may be a pack rat...I know I could get rid of someone elses clutter! that's easy ;-)

Dawn said...

Thanks, Girl, for the compliment you left me on my blog!! I appreciate it.

Good luck selling your camera!!! What kind did you win?

I can NOT, in my wildest dreams, imagine having a garage sale in this heat!!!! Do people even get out and shop when it's this hot?!? LOL! You can tell I obviously DON'T! LOL!