Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Champ

(This is one of many bad photos taken with my phone. It's easier to get a close-up photograph of a fly in the air with a 50mm lens than the back of my ever-moving son's head).

Last weekend my little guy ended the night with this nasty gash on the back of his head. Originally I took these pictures in the ER just to amuse and occupy him. (He is very much like his dad in that area). I would take a photo and show him and for the next few minutes he would slowly give me a play by play of his boo-boo. He would remind me of the instant that he jumped out of my lap ( which is also known as base), that he fell and the second that the pillow hit him and he fell back against the chair.

Of course, his version is much more graphic and animated. Each time he concluded the play by play, he would say, "let's take another picture". I would oblige and the entire story would begin again. For about thirty minutes, I felt as if I had stepped into the set of the movie "Groundhog Day".

All that to say, I was so pleased that he wasn't crying and that he was acting so tough throughout our hospital visit. He truly amazes me.


heidi said...

Yeouch!!! That is one tough little man you have htere!