Friday, June 12, 2009

The Tunnel


There are many things that I love about where we live.  One of my favorite things is the drive home.  As I get closer to my house I have to drive through this tunnel of trees and it melts my heart every time.  It is so inviting, and it completely warms my soul.

I realize that many things in life are relational, and this instance may be one of those moments.  Almost 16 years, I visited Oak Alley Plantation with my dad and youngest sister.

Oak Alley 

The beautiful view towards the river is filled with so much history.  I couldn’t help but think of all the events that these trees witnessed.  It was breathtaking.

Oak Alley Plantation

It is so quiet and peaceful here.  We enjoyed a night in one of the cottages and at that moment this place became my “getaway”.  This vacation with my dad was the perfect remedy to a broken heart and I learned so many things and made so many wonderful lifelong friends.  The relationship that I was in was a bad one, the guy was rude, he believed money was the measure of a man, and judged people according to their financial successes… needless to say, he was an idiot.  

It honestly took getting away and stepping back to realize that no matter how good I was to him, that he would always be demeaning and disrespectful.  (I thought that would change if he was just shown enough love).  Once I stepped back I could see that he was always going to treat those he loved in that manner and that was just who he was.  It was sad. 

However, I am so thankful for the experience because it has helped me appreciate those people that are loving and that do treat others with love and respect.  Due to that relationship I will never take my good friendships for granted. 

Now today whenever I see this tunnel of trees, I can’t help but think of new beginnings and happiness. 

My sister found other reasons to appreciate the amazing grounds.  She is a huge movie fanatic!  She was more than thrilled to be staying in the location where they filmed Interview With The Vampire.

Interview with the Vampire

So I guess it is safe to say that this place had something for everyone. 


Anonymous said...

Where's Oak Valley Plantation? What a wonderful correlation between what was happening in your life and getting away (stepping outsie) to have a fresh look. It breaks moms' hearts to see something like that happening to their precious daughters... we know they are worth so much.

Anonymous said...

The beautiful tunnel view and your comment about your phone not working well leads me to ask.... where do you live?

mama-face said...

Hey, that was really beautiful. I love posts that make me pause and me ponder for a bit. thanks for that!
Really pretty blog too.

Shorty said...

I sooo love streets line with trees that create that tunnel effect! Great pics! And, I'm totally envious you get to drive that street each and every day. How peaceful and magnificent!!!