Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My apologies

If you are coming to this site via a link that is not working then I apologize. I had to take down a few posts that were referring to a family health situation. Although we are still requesting prayer.

I had tried to be vague while requesting prayer to respect everyone's privacy but someone's privacy wasn't respected and the last thing that I want to do is to make a difficult situation more difficult.

Revised post:

Just a month ago, I was sitting back after a family gathering thinking to myself that I was one lucky individual. I absolutely love my family!! I even wrote about it on Facebook. (Yes, I am a dork like that. When I am happy I love to shout it from the rooftops or Facebook). I felt so lucky to have recovered from my cancer scare and just felt well... lucky.

Within the last few weeks, my husband was injured and had to have surgery on his knee, and then another family member found out that they had liver cancer.

Needless to say, our world has been rocked. I have been praying and pleading for strength for both my self and my other family members 100s of times throughout the day.

Regarding the liver cancer:
In the beginning I felt strong and confident, and I was able to easily calm others and talk them through the process of what was happening to our relative. However, I can honestly admit that I need more information about "the process and the procedures" myself. Not understanding what is happening to their bodies and not knowing what to expect is creating a fear that I can't seem to fight off. I am amazed by the strength of our relative and am proud at the way they are fighting the cancer.

If anyone out there knows anything about liver cancer I would LOVE some information and advice. I would also love advice regarding diet... what foods are easiest to hold down.

I am so thankful to God for taking care of Corey throughout his surgery and he has been healing really well. He is even going back to work tomorrow, just five days after his surgery. I am thankful that he feels good enough to do that. (Unless we are on vacation, he has a difficult time staying away from his office, and sometimes he has a tough time even during vacation not calling 10 times,. His business is his baby). So I know that even taking off a few days for his surgery was hard for him to do. He enjoys his job.

While I haven't been posting as much because my mind has obviously been on these matters, I have been reading yours and have been pulling from your strength as you walk through and overcome different trials and have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at your posts because I can honestly say that I have NEEDED your humor more than you know.

These situations were the catalyst for the Bloggy Kudos post. I honestly don't think I could be walking through these sitautions without the strength, humor and reminders that God's hand is in this! So again, thank you!