Friday, May 15, 2009

Batter Up


I always knew that watching Evan’s first T-Ball practice would be an adventure, as usual.  But I had not prepared myself for the full hilarity of the event.  Fortunately, Evan gets to play T-Ball with his cousin Braxton (Brax is 6 weeks older than Evan). 


Unfortunately, I ONLY have pictures to share with you.  I really wish that I had video because in this case ONLY video can do the moment justice.


To give you an idea of the dynamics, I’ll begin by telling you this.  Braxton lives, loves, and breathes baseball.  He takes his baseball serious.  He watches baseball on television intently studying the players and copying their moves.  When he walks up to the T to bat, he picks up dirt in his hands rubs it together, circles the bat in the air, and winds up to hit. 

Then there’s Evan who has the energy of a horse right before the race.  He is stuck in the gate ready to be let loose.  He runs at the T with excitement and nearly pulls a “Happy Gilmore” at the ball that is placed up on the T.  He was the same way in the field.  I had to literally hold him back until the other players hit the ball then I would release him & let him tackle the ball & throw it to first base.  Instead of the horse hearing the sound of the gun to start the race, it was the sound of the bat hitting the leather ball that sent Evan running. 

It was pure torture for him when they had to take turns.  He would see & hear the ball being hit & his legs would run in place (again I had to hold him back).  He was READY.  He would then turn & look at me with a very serious face that I have seen his father make so often and say in a whispered voice, “Uh MOM, I can’t get the ball if you keep holding me like that”. 


I would then have to explain, “You have to take turns”.  His three year old mind processed this and then he replied, “No.  They can just be faster”.  I so bad wanted to laugh, because I know if MY DAD heard this statement then he would be so proud.  If the characteristic of competitiveness is hereditary then Evan has no chance.  Both Corey & I are competitive and have competitive relatives for many generations.   Instead, I had to say again, take your turn.  I then started whispering in his ear what each child was doing and pointing out what movements were good and related that to him and how he could improve each time.  This helped tremendously.  He would stay close long enough to wait until it was his turn again.


Evan was so excited in this picture you can see him running up to the T & swinging even before he got into position.


I think that his coach was a little surprised that the wild swing actually connected.


After that I worked with him, helped him find his grip and step up to the plate…


He loved the distance he got, but then we wanted to hit left handed… again surprising his coach.  


He hit the ball just as well from both directions.  This is another quality that seems to be hereditary.  My brother can also switch hit.  I write with both my right & left hands and noticed that Evan will do the same from time to time while coloring. 

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To wrap up the practice, the coach had the kids run the bases and once again Evan’s excitement got the best of him.  He went from home base to second to first then to third base.  However, the second time around he ran with his teammates and did a WONDERFUL job. 

He just turned three and wants to be SO big, but I really wish that I could slow down time just a bit because it is happening too fast for me.


T- said...

Those pictures are GREAT! LOVE the first one!

Sounds like a hilarious time!

Melinda said...

How precious is he?! I am so excited for Jack to start playing little league...maybe next year. I'm having a hard time getting his daddy to agree to letting him play at such a young age : (

Lisa said...

GREAT pictures!! I love the first one too. He's such a cutie though ... so serious in some of them! LOL!

heidi said...

There's just soemthing about little boys and baseball that is SO cute!

misty said...

isn't it crazy at such a young age that they begin to love sports... watching & studing it?!?!

the pictures are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I am visiting from Melinda's blog. I love bouncing around and visiting others! :) I am sure I will be back.

T-ball is such a hoot, isn't it?? Definitely some memories in those photos.