Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This post comes with a warning label

WARNING: for those of you that have a weak stomach, here is your warning to pull up the trash can.

Corey thinks it's absolutely funny & is almost in tears every time he relays the story, but his stomach is made of steel.

Due to our ever-changing Oklahoma weather Corey's sinuses have been terrible for the last two months. He has tried everything and unfortunately did not receive any relief. Until about two weeks ago a patient walked in his door and told him about Mucinex nasal spray. I don't know who this patient is, but I envision them with a hallow and wings. If that kind patient is a reader, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Anyway, while the spray has not removed his allergies it definitely has helped him to breath. The next morning, Corey was using the nasal spray and after carefully studying him Lauren asked, "Daddy what are you doing?"

Daddy: I am using this so I can breath better.

(After seeing visions of Lauren putting things up her or Evan's nose so they can breath better, I felt the need to make sure that she understood that this was special medicine).

Mom: Daddy's nose is stuffed up and he uses this special medicine to get the boogies out so he can breath.

Lauren took a brief second to process this then she turned to us & said,"You mean, so he doesn't have to use his finger?"


misty said...

this is too funny!!! kids can say the funniest things & them not even know it! got to love them!!!