Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I have a million projects to choose from but this one definitely helps clear the clutter and preserve memories at the same time.

Often I have heard mothers ask, "What they should do with their child's artwork?" I hope that some may appreciate this suggestion.

I am the type that has a hard time discarding any of the kids artwork because I can see thier developing stages in all of them. So what I have done rather than keep ALL the artwork is this.

1. Scan the artwork, schoolwork, awards, certificates, and save a few of my favortite pictures of them throughout the year, as well as a picture of their school teacher for that year. I save all these documents in one specific folder so that when it is time I can upload it all at once. (You can also upload it along the way and write about the art and date it was made, including photos... I aspire to do it this way in the future).

2. At the end of the school year (or preschool in my case), I upload the artwork to shutterfly. Using thier photobook product I can create a photobook (or digital scrapbook) of the artwork and pictures of that school year.

3. I do save 10 (ten) pieces of artwork in a SUPER-large manilla envelope and store that in a box. I will have thirteen envelopes when they graduate. I used to keep their artwork in a binder in clear plastic sleeves but as they get older the art seems to get bigger and for me this has been a great way to preserve the art & memories without extra totes and taking up lots of storage space.

Click on either of these two links to get started. In August I will have Lauren's preschool /MDO artwork book completed and will share it with you! I hope this is tip useful to you.



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jenx67 said...

That is a great idea. With three kids, you can imagine, I already have a few bins. It becomes overwhelming saving every little scrap of everything. =0

You have a great looking blog. Thanks for your note!