Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One hand tied behind my back

At this moment, I should be working on my client's book! But I can't. Yesterday was so much fun and my mind keeps drifting to all the silly things that the kids said and the funny things that they did. I had a house full of kiddos under the age of 4, and by house-full... I mean six (6) kids under 4 yrs old. It was hilarious.

My little niece & nephew came over to spend the day & play while mom & dad were working. We all love company, and Lauren & Evan adore their cousins.

Baby Taylor, she's kicking back & soaking up the sun rays. Don't let this picture fool you, she is the most smiley baby ever. She was just a bit concerned when my head disappeared behind the massive black camera. However, she does need to come with a warning. Babysitting her will make your insides tingle & give you the desire to have three more kids just like her.

It was such a beautiful warm day that we were able to spend most of it playing outside. I broke out a few bubble guns and bottles of bubbles for the bigger kids and we all had a blast. Jett enjoyed showing us all the "correct procedures" for operating the bubble gun. After we all graduated from his class we were allowed to play at our own will.

Everyone take note of this child. He will probably be one of our future presidents!!!

This picture makes me laugh so hard. Not only is it a cute picture of Jett but if you look in the background, this picture also BUSTS Evan. He was dumping bubbles in the dog's water bowl. (So they could all wash their hands... of course).

If we lived in a house that had VERY VERY soft water this boy would be in heaven. He loves that soft sudsy feeling on his hands.

Yeah, he knows that he was caught in the act. This cute little look gets him off the hook EVERYTIME. Especially when it is followed with " Mommy, I wuv you SOOO much, can I have a kiss pwease." Hook, Line & Sinker.

My sweet little Angel taking a break from playing in the mud to blow bubbles. (Don't all little angels play in the mud). While Evan loves washing his hands, if I gave Lauren a mound of dirt for her birthday she would be on cloud nine. I would get 4 best mommy awards for that!! (I get best mommy in the world awards for "fun days" and gifts... or just giving Lauren her way. This child is something else. Full of entertainment.)

We also had more cousins join us. This is sweet little Hayden, she is 1 and 1/2 going on 13. Since day one she has been the most motivated child I have ever known. She has always known what she wanted but would get so frustrated that she couldn't get it herself & communicate what she needed. Once she began to walk, her entire world & disposition changed because she could FINALLY meet her own desires & needs. She is always a blessing to have around & I LOVE LOVE that she makes her mom bring her WAY out to our house to play. She will wake up saying my name over & over & over until Kristen finally packs up the car & says ok, we'll go see Aunt Jessy. I get the giggles EVERYtime I think about her doing that to her mom. I love harassing & teasing my sister, and the fact that my little niece helps is the best gift that she could ever get for me. Plus I get the bonus of spending the day with all of them too. What more could an aunt ask for?? Little does Kristen know, but Hayden & I talk on the phone everynight planning this out. Kristen just THINKS Hayden is asleep in her crib. LOL. (Truthfully Hayden has me wrapped around her finger & she knows it)!

Now this little charmer is Koah. She is only two months old. Her mom, Kristen, feeds her buttermilk (not really), she is growing so fast and is so strong that it's hard to believe that she is so young. When I stuck the camera in front of my face she began posing for me. It was absolutely hilarious. I hadn't seen a two month old do that before. Her little personality was shining through. She is definitely going to be a little ham.

It was an awesome day. Kristen & I enjoyed watching the kids playing & having so much fun. I'm sure that Corey regretted having to go to work and missing out on all the entertainment. I'm sure of it.


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Wow, what a busy day. Looks like everyone had fun though. Great pictures of a beautiful day.

Mya said...

Gotta love bubbles.

The pouring the bubbles in the dog bowl pic made me laugh.

I can't wait to be an Aunt!

heidi said...

OMGosh - I'm jealous of the fun ya'll had!!!!