Monday, April 6, 2009

Puppy Love

Earlier this week, Corey was hurt and so I haven't had much time to spend on the computer. However, what little time I did have I spent just looking at pictures of this little girl. Now I haven't put down a deposit yet (only because Corey is not on board).

It's time for confession, I do have to tell you that I've got it BAD! I probably look at her pictures at least 20 times a day. I have them saved on my phone and look at them constantly. Pictures of her can brighten my day instantly.

She lives over 10 hours away otherwise I'd probably be camped out on her owner's front porch every morning to see her. I'm hoping that no one else wants to buy her and then her owner's will send her to me because they know how much I already love her (obsessed I am about her). Unlikely, I know but I can't PURCHASE a puppy that my husband flat out asked me NOT to buy. I was supposed to get paid for a project this last weekend & had to ask them to hold my check. I know myself!! I know that if the money is in hand then I will be on the phone buying her within seconds. I am TRYING so hard to be a good wife, so I had to ask them to hold the check. It's sad I know. I know my limits and this little beauty is definitely testing them.

I have looked at over 2000 pictures of other puppies and parents, looking for parents so that I can put down a deposit on a future litter. I didn't find any other parents nor puppies that struck my fancy quite like this little girl.


And if you don't mind, it wouldn't hurt to pray that my husband will cave. :-)
Wishful, yet unlikely, thinking.


Melinda said...

Oh she is just precious. I can see why you might be so obsessed with her!

Mya said...

So cute!!

Praying whatever happens you both are happy!