Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Completely Twisted

A month ago my step-dad had an accident and died.  Exactly what happened, no one really knows.  All I do know is that his spleen ruptured and then he suffered and died from massive internal bleeding. 

A woman that he worked with called an ambulance and then took him to the hospital.  Hours passed and it wasn’t until the hospital staff suggested that his family be notified she did not call my mom.  Later after this psycho woman threw herself over my stepdad’s dead body and she told my mom that she wanted to become her best friend just so she could remain close to Ronnie’s spirit, we found out that they had an affair.

I am angry.  It is hard enough to watch my mom mourn her husband’s death but equally hard to watch my mom live through the hurt of finding out about his unfaithfulness.  I didn’t respect Ronnie even before his death.  I avoided him but I also accepted him because he was the person that my mom chose to spend her life with.  He was a mooch.  My mom worked and paid for everything, supporting Ronnie so that he could do what he enjoyed.  She wanted him to be happy.  He enjoyed finding treasures and collectibles and reselling them at Flea Markets.  My mom paid for all the items, bought the buildings and stores to house the things, bought him many vehicles and paid for his gas. 

Now my mom is having to pay this woman to get her out of her life.  Ronnie was helping support HER.  It is such a mess.  Karen, the mistress, was stealing the merchandise from the flea market while my mom was busy making funeral arrangements.  The insanity just keeps going on & on.

Now my mom’s world is more than a bit upside down.  My heart is breaking for her.

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UPDATE (or rather explanation): Right after Ronnie passed away, we let HER (the mistress)  run the store while funeral arrangements were being made, family was arriving in town, and people were coming over to pay respects.  We weren’t sure if the rumors were actually true at this point.  We had already been to the store and taken a visual inventory.  It wasn’t until a few days later when my sister walked into the store and witnessed her changing the tags on the merchandise that we became aware that she was stealing.  She was claiming that she was Ronnie’s business partner and so she was going around adding a “k” stating that the item was purchased together and she was entitled to half of the profit. 

By this time, unfortunately, the matter had become a “she said/she said” issue and it was just one person’s word against another.  So it quickly was escalated to a legal matter.  Since we couldn’t prove that it didn’t happen the way she claimed, and we couldn’t prove that she wasn’t a partner we had two options: (1) to buy her out or (2) to let her stay and continue hurting my mom and stealing (adding her initial to the merchandise tags). 


Shorty said...

Wow. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope your mom is able to heal quickly and move forward. And I hope the little home wrecker gets what she deserves. A swift kick in the pants might be a good start.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Oh Boy, My heart just aches for your Mom. Talk about a 1-2 punch. :(

Dawn said...

OMG, Jessica. I'm so, so sorry for your mom. That's all just horrible.

I hope she finds a way to come to grips with everything and becomes better because of it.

Slyde said...

that is really horrible, but im unclear on why your mom HAS to be paying her off....

heidi said...

Oh my WORD what a mess!!! I feel so bad for your mom. :-(

qifei2012 said...

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