Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beware of these Sly Little Devils

I will be honest here, calling these CROOKS a devil is one of the nicest names that are coming to my mind at this moment.

Here let me back up a moment to fill you in, then you will sympathize and we can call them names together.

Earlier today I was responsibly working away on my computer when I came across this email: 



Hello Guest Visa Card

Your credit card is suspended, because we notice a problem on your card.

We determine that someone may be using your card without your permission. For your protection, we've suspended your credit card. To lift the suspension, Click here and follow the instructions indicate to update your credit card.

Note: If this is not complete on 11 November 2009, we will be forced to suspend your card indfiniment because it can be used for fraudulent

Thank you,
Customer Support Service

Copyright 1999-2009 VerifedbyVisa. All rights reserves.


If someone is quickly glancing at the email, and they overlook the fact that these CREEPS can’t spell (I don’t have much room to talk here) one would think that this email just might be legitimate.

If my grandmother was to receive this little note or even my mother, I could see them clicking on the link to correct the situation and to make sure that their card wasn’t cancelled.

When I saw it I knew it wasn’t valid because I don’t have a bank account linked to this email, so instead I grew angry on behalf of all the other people out there that may have had their identity stolen because of  the THEIVES that mass distributed this email. 

It’s sad that people are so cruel.  They don’t seem to even try to think of what they are doing to others or they may just not care.  Regardless of their lack of heart, I can only pray and ask  everyone to be careful this holiday season. 

Excuse me everyone, I have to go ask for forgiveness for cussing the CREEPS.  (And judging them a bit… I told you I’m a SCA member – Struggling Christian Anon)   Christians aren’t perfect, but with God’s help and a LOT of grace we can become better people through growth, maturity, and His wisdom.

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