Monday, March 9, 2009

Embracing the Moment #6

My First Child

This moment is the moment that many moms pray for, wait paitently and not-so patiently, and fear. Corey & I hadn't been married long when we found out that we were pregnant with our beautiful baby, and because the pregnancy was such a surprise we (actually Corey) decided that we were going to wait until she was born to find out the sex of the baby. It was something that he & his mom always wanted to do. Me, I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy not-knowing for a second. A LOT of people LOVE this surprise, and I am happy for them. But for me, I like to know... for me, the planning is 50% of the fun.

Early in my pregnancy I had a dream that I was going to have a girl, so I was convinced that I was having a girl... so convinced that I constantly talked to my belly and referred to the little baby growing inside of me as a "she & her". (We probably saved thousands of dollars in therapy for our child since we did in fact have a daughter. Thank goodness).

This AMAZING little girl means so much to me. I would love to be nonchalant and act as if she didn't just change everything about my world, but I've never been a good actor. People can usually see right through me. I am NOT a very good poker player either.

There isn't a decision that I have made since I found out that I was going to have a baby that hasn't been 100% influenced by her. I humbly admit that I have had to remind myself on a few occasions to stay focused on God and not put my family & those that I love first. Each day I say a prayer, asking God for guidance to teach her what He needs me to teach her so that she will be prepared to do His Will. I have to pray this little prayer to remind myself that although God has blessed me with this beautiful baby that she is ultimately His and that my job is to teach her & mold her for Him. However the job comes with great perks... I get to love her & receive all of her sweet hugs & kisses. Not to mention the full-time entertainment that she provides... sometimes I feel like I may be raising a future comedian. I have no idea what or who she is going to become, but I am enjoying, everyday, having the opportunity to cherish who she is today.

Lauren at 3 months old

Playing the piano at 6 months with Uncle Tony
She still LOVES the piano.

Taking a bath at 9 months.
She won't get any hair for 2 more YEARS.

She's my little angel!

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Mya said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing. She's beautiful! (and looks exactly the same in the recent pictures I've seen) :)

Lisa said...

She was/ is beautiful! Your post made me tear up a bit ... sweet!